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Supercharge your WhatsApp broadcasts. Reach 2 billion users, personalize offers, target customer segments, schedule broadcasts, and track real-time analytics. Increase ROI with segmented messages and revolutionize your marketing strategy. Get started now!

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Unlocking Benefits, Empowering through Personalised Broadcast


Connect 2B WhatsApp users worldwide.


Schedule New Campaigns


Retargeting boosts ad impact.


Real-Time Analytics


Personalised Offers


Target Customer Segments

Reach New Heights with waBotX - Broadcasting Messages on WhatsApp

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Maximize Engagement
Retargeting Feature

Harness waBotX's dynamic retargeting in WhatsApp API to engage users who have seen or replied to your messages. Nurture relationships and deliver personalized follow-up communication based on their interactions. Elevate conversions and revolutionize your messaging strategy with waBotX's targeted retargeting feature.

Insights Amplified
Broadcast Report Analytics

Gain data-driven insights with the Broadcast Report feature, analyzing reach, engagement, and conversions of your message broadcasts. Real-time analytics offer instant visibility and empower informed decision-making. Elevate your messaging strategy with comprehensive analytics for optimized campaign performance. Maximize the impact of your broadcast campaigns with the powerful capabilities of the Broadcast Report feature.



Segment. Target. Engage.
Maximize Results.

Unlock precise audience targeting with the Target Customer Segments feature. Define and segment your customer base based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Create highly targeted messaging campaigns for improved marketing effectiveness. Maximize engagement, conversions, and customer relationships with this powerful feature.

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